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DJiT on worldwide print campaigns

DJiT featured in a Google Case Study for a print campaign in the main europeans newspapers.

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DJiT selected to represent French innovation in the Business France Book distributed in CES 2017.

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DJiT ambassador of the French Tech in the international communication campaign Create France.

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Videos campaigns

creative france

DJiT in the worldwide campaign “Créative France”

October 2015

edjing and Lenovo

edjing in the last Lenovo advertising

October 2015

edjing and Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 featured edjing in their promotion video

February 2014

edjing and Sony

edjing appearance in the Sony commercial

March 2013

edjing and Surface Pro 2

edjing featured in the Surface Pro 2 advertising

December 2012